September 13, 2012

Perfect for Your Summer Vacation - Resorts in Boracay

Are you planning beach vacation to the Philippines? There are many factors to consider a vacation to the islands that make up this stunning country and there are thousands of miles of beach in breathtaking condition that are filled with breathtaking white powdery sand to lay out upon, as well as many others. Boracay beach resort are well recognized across the world.

Boracay is a beautiful island located in the Philippines and best known for beach vacation. Every resort has got its own features and what's so unique that is common for all the resorts is that of the availability of fresh marine blue waters of boracay beaches. 

Breathtaking resorts located on the shoreline of scenic beaches welcome tourists to boracay warmly. Feel the experience of a typical sunny climate on the sandy beaches and enjoy the most when you are with your family and friends. Its truly a lifetime experience that should never be missed.
Boracay Beach resorts has a lot of fun and activities like: Scuba Diving, Paraw Sailing, Island Hopping, and Helmet. Aside from swimming, they provides many options regarding to water activities. Scuba diving is a very well-known, and there are many dive shops that provide both introductory diving and open water courses. With 30 dive sites around the island, both newbies and professional divers will have a lot of options to select from. Sailing around the island in a paraw is also a popular choice for most visitors. A paraw is a single-hulled vessel made of wooden and bamboo sprouts bedding. One can be rental to go around the island, and even for island-hopping and snorkeling. Small vessels are secured and durable, and can go at high rates of speed on a windy day.

One can also go helmet diving in Boracay it's also known as reef walking, it is unique to the island, enabling a person to dive into deeply ocean and walk on the seafloor. Instead of a diving container used in scuba diving, one wears a helmet with a long hose connected with an oxygen tank in the boat. Other Things to Do in Boracay For those who want something different, Boracay has 5 cliff diving sites in Ariel's Point, situated at the fishing village of Buruanga. Those wanting to go on moderate trek can opt for Boracay's highest peak, Mt. Luho it's also situated in its vicinity is a wildlife reserve. Trikes or All-Terrain vehicles may also be rented to get to the jump-off.

Food tripping can also be done in the beach. There is a wide array of international cuisines, with fresh seafood as the specialty. There are Spanish, Mexican, and Greek restaurants, among others, as well as a restaurant or two for the health conscious.
The best time to go to Boracay is during off season, from June to September. It is a bit windy during these months, and there is moderate to heavy rainfall. With this weather, there are lesser visitors coming to the island and some accommodations and services can be had for lower rates. With a wide range of activity option that provides convenience to travelers, Boracay is a haven not only for beach lovers, but it's also for people who can appreciate the grandeur of nature that surrounds the island. Boracay resort is not just a destination, but it is also for an unforgettable experience to be had. I love exploring the beauty of mother nature. I am an environment enthusiast.

September 12, 2012

Wedding on the Beach


         Experience the beautiful Boracay Wedding  

Planning about your beach Wedding? A beach wedding is an exotic fantasy with a wonderful ambiance of the sea and it's a romantic place for a nice wedding. Even broad daylight can provide sparkling, glamorous fun for your beach wedding. Having a wedding on beaches are beautiful shimmering water and soft, velvety sand. 

Unique wedding ideas are only limited by your own creativity. You are joining the thousands of brides and grooms seeking creative beach wedding ideas to take full advantage of the flexibility, intimacy, romance and cost savings of a beach wedding. 


Beaches combines all inclusive weddings and honeymoon and experience that you will cherish for a lifetime with elegant wedding ideas - centerpieces, favors, bouquets, cakes, table settings, accents, details and many more. Do some research on the unique features of the beach weddings. Beach weddings can be more exciting and fun for you and your guests and can save money.